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Moujan Lusso

Moujan Lusso is the vibrant Tahitian selection represented in a set of body oils. We create a blend to calm your body and your mind and take your skin on a self revitalizing exotic journey.

We created a set of lavish body oils using natural extracts to indulge your skin into a seasonless hydrating ritual. Relinquish what you've known about all-natural hydration and experience the benefits of Tahitian beauty ritual through our selection.

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Mission ~ Values

Inspired by the wonders of nature gifts from Tahiti, we bring together ingredients from all corners of the world into an exquisite blend of body oils.

We believe nature holds the keys to absolute beauty ceremonies, and we must preserve it and embed it into our daily culture without hesitation. A single bottle of Moujan Lusso hold the absolute secret to the inherent ways of Tahitian beauty traditions.

Tahiti Botanicals

Add a touch of into your skin routine with essential natural ingredients that cure all skin toxins. Indulge in an all-hydrating set of oils with sweet and aromatic fragrances.

The beauty routine found in Tahiti is an elixir passed on from generation to generation, helping your body cleanse and feel naturally rejuvenated. Let your body experience seasonless nourishment with your Tahiti Botanicals collection.

Meet the founders

Traveling and being exposed to many cultures throughout the years, Stefi and Vlad discovered the formidable benefits of natural ingredients on the human body and mind.

As spa enthusiasts, they've developed an understanding of how entering a relaxed state of mind thanks to natural products can benefit them. They've continued to apply the same principles after exiting the relaxed environment, and they've discovered that they feel good routines that benefit their bodies can be used anywhere.

Within each Moujan Lusso bottle, there's a bit of every natural ingredient found in beauty routines across the globe. Stefi and Vlad have developed the body oils to contain the most nourishing and claiming ingredients found in nature to liberate your body from the daily stress and enter a new world of inner freedom.